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  • 04/02/2017
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Safe Harbor Group provides their clients with products integrated with the latest technology resulting in a very convenient full-service payment gateway. 

Retail Rates 0.98%-1.98%

In just a few simple steps, a small business owner will have access to a fully customizable merchant account. In today’s ever-evolving digital age, new ways of paying is being introduced rapidly. Safe Harbor Group is on the top of their game on finding innovative ways for their clients to improve the shopping experience. 



Provider Overview

The Safe Harbor Group (SHG) merchant services provider processes credit card and debit payments and specializes in a “customer-first” business model, focusing on the needs of the client first. This merchant services company provides multiple services for all industries and develops customized solutions for specialized clients.

The Safe Harbor Group approves 99.9% of clients the first time around and is very effective with helping businesses with progressive rate models grow. SHG uses a customized price monitoring system that is combined with client-provided business information to calculate the lowest rate possible for that client.

Best Features:

  • Guarantees the lowest rates possible
  • Receive free quotes with no obligation
  • Specialized E-commerce solutions
  • ACH/EFT and eCheck solutions are available
  • Walk-through of your dashboard with a live support staff member
  • 24/7 live support available in 15 languages

Things You’ll Like:

After setup is complete, clients can use their preferred secure online payment gateway and over 100 different terminals. If a client requires equipment rentals and POS integrations, they are also available from SHG. Secure payment pages come with US domestic MIDs and an option to add offshore MID’s to gain international purchasing options.

The Safe Harbor Group merchant accounts are given access to an online portal that shows in-depth transaction reports. Some other perks for SHG include the following eCheck services:

  • Virtual terminal
  • ACH
  • Check21
  • Chargeback prevention help and alerts system
  • Multi-currency settlement
  • Multiprocessor management
  • Advanced fraud scrubbing
  • CRM and API integration

24/7 support services are also available by phone or email to assist clients with anything. Additionally, there are no cancellation fees, so clients can stop services at any time without fear of risk. SHG accepts all major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Who Would Like This?:

Any company looking for a provider that offers a great rate calculation service for lower rates and a modern portal for tracking your data. Newer or higher risk businesses that have been turned down by similar companies would find The Safe Harbor Group’s merchant services highly beneficial since they work with you to find a suitable rate.

Signing Up:

Signing up with SHG merchant services isn’t just filling out a long and arduous form and hoping you get a response. Prospective clients fill in some basic information on the SHG Merchant Services page to request the creation of an account. A representative promptly follows up with a phone call to the client during which the rep will lead the client through the whole signup process. At this time, the representative will highlight the pros and cons while educating the client about what the options are once possible rates are calculated. Once the client agrees, the proper paperwork is signed and the client can access his or her new merchant account.


Rates are created based on information provided by the client and research done by Safe Harbor Group Merchant Services to arrive at a number that is as low as possible.

Ease of Use:

SHG merchant services are client-friendly and offer a great method of getting a lower rate. Since a live representative leads clients through the whole process and answers any question the client may have, each customer fully understands what acquiring a merchant account entails. All Safe Harbor Group Merchant Services accounts are secure and comes with a free review every six months to ensure that clients are still receiving the lowest rate possible, including any updates or changes that may have taken place since the last review.

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4.69/5 (16)

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