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4.82/5 (11)
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Altiras Advisors – Merchant Services

Altiras has over 20 years of experiences providing innovative solutions to businesses of any size. 

Retail Rates 0.98%-1.98%
Phone 855-686-7161
4.69/5 (16)
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The Safe Harbor Group – Merchant Services

Safe Harbor Group provides their clients with products integrated with the latest technology resulting in a very convenient full-service payment gateway. 

Retail Rates 0.98%-1.98%
Phone 855-686-7162
3.75/5 (8)
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Leaders – Merchant Services

Leaders Merchant Services is a California-based company which in credit card processing for companies of all sizes. Leaders Merchant services has one of the largest Chargeback and Fraud Departments in the industry. 

Retail Rates 0.98%-1.98%
Phone (800) 217-5373
North American Bancard Holdings – Merchant Services

North American Bancard is committed to help businesses prosper by offering services specializing in credit card processing, eCommerce/gateway, mobile payments, and cash advances. 

Retail Rates 0.98%-1.98%
Phone (877) 840-1952
3.78/5 (9)
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National Bankcard – Merchant Services

National Bankcard is a leading provider in card processing solutions across the country. 

Retail Rates 0.25%-1.99%
Phone (866) 255-0160
3.08/5 (12)
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Bank of America – Merchant Services

Bank of America Merchant Services is a global leader in payments, eCommerce, and security solutions. 

Retail Rates 1.89% - 2.50%
Phone (855) 833-3614
eFLOW Payments – Merchant Services

eFLOW Payments provides payment processing services tailored more towards small businesses. These include free credit card terminal, mobile card reader and free processing software for a Point of Sale system. 

Retail Rates 0.98%-1.98%
Phone (800) 999-5818
Sally Wells
Contributing Editor

We know how time consuming it is to choose the right card processing provider so we did all the hard work for you. We collected user reviews from the top merchant services to help you decide with card processing company is right for you. Choosing the right provider will save you time while you work on growing your business. 

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