Should Your Business Consider Batch Credit Card Processing?

Batch credit card processing is a neat trick that saves merchants money while also protecting customer transaction data.  

As a merchant, your goal is to deliver your products and services to as many people as possible while trying to minimize costs within reason. Merchant services have given business owners the means to accept a variety of electronic payments from their customers, but at a small price.

The standard practice for most credit card transactions in merchant services is for a merchant to authorize and accept payments in real time. Under this practice, merchants must manually upload each transaction that occurs as it happens individually. These uploads are made up of transaction codes, and when sent separately, they can rack up network connection fees as well as be more vulnerable to hackers looking to steal customer information.

What is Batch Credit Card Processing?

Batch credit card processing is when a merchant places a temporary hold on each customer’s individual card that made a purchase that day to prevent them from being sent to the credit card processor right away. Instead, a merchant waits over the course of the day to collect all the transaction codes that occurred (all being placed on a hold as well), and submits them all at once in one exchange to the payment processor. The transaction codes are sent in a grouping rather than individually in real time, hence the term “batch” credit card processing.

Why Do Batch Credit Card Processing?

There are a few benefits to submitting your transaction data to credit card processors in this manner:

  • Convenience – Instead of having to worry about keeping up with sending your transaction codes out every time a purchase occurs, you can simply do it all in one fell swoop at the end of the day for more efficiency
  • Save Money – Each time a transaction is uploaded, the merchant is charged a network connection fee; submitting once a day can drop a merchant’s transaction costs significantly rather than several times a day
  • More Security for Data – The more transactions you send a day, the more chances hackers have to capture sensitive customer data; submitting data once a day in a batch reduces the chances of fraudsters incepting these transactions to steal credit card numbers and personal information.

Here are a few companies we recommend that offer batch credit card processing as an available option:

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